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Filippo Zanetti

Magneti Marelli December 2000 - March 2005
Engine control units division - In Controls Design team both in Gasoline and Diesel (1.3 MultiJet) Control Unit Divisions. Customer documentation and requirements analysis, control logic design, test bench and vehicle testing, constantly in contact with customers and suppliers for development and tuning of new control strategies . (FIAT, GM Italy-Germany, VW and Peugeot, CRF).

Riccardo Buratti

Fiat January 2000 - April 2005
In the former JV between Fiat and GM for development and production of powertrains, responsible of all Fuel Injection and Control Systems for Diesel and gasoline engines, including the definition of the system architectures and of the relative components (hydraulic components, electronic control unit, sensors, actuators, wiring harness), the development of the control functions (software) and the suppliers' selection and management. Main projects: MULTIJET system for 1.3 SDE engine (2004 “engine-of-the-year”) for FIAT and GM applications; control systems for all FIAT and GM Diesel engines and applications, including first application of Particulate Filter management; gasoline control systems for FIAT applications. Contribution to the cross regional reorganization of control areas within the Fiat-GM-Powertrain organization (Italy, Germany, Sweden), taking full responsibility of Italian Controls area.

Morena Bruno

Fiat-GM Powertrain October 2003 – April 2004
Development and validation of Diagnostic strategies for diesel engine control systems. Collaboration with Saab-Powertrain team to the study of diagnostic algorithm within the air system (EGR, throttle, turbo) and with the GM-Nord America safety team to the study of safety strategies for first project involving an in-sourced Engine Controller Module. Validation tests for High Pressure Fuel System diagnostic for FIAT Diesel Multijet 1.3l engine.
Centro Ricerche Fiat January 2000 – September 2003
- Development of SW requirements for Misfire diagnostic applied on Multipla Bipower supplied with methane fuel. Execution of the experimental validation on prototypes. Collaboration with FIAT-GM-Powertrain and Magneti Marelli for the validation of the Fuel High Pressure System for the new diesel engines generation Multijet 1.3. - Development of diagnostic SW requirements for Fuel High Pressure System and Rationality monitoring for the Mass Airflow Meter applied on Multijet 1.3 diesel engine system.

Bianca Cuccomarino

Motorola Electronics July 2002 – May 2005
Main projects were: • Testing of CAN, MOST and Bluetooth networks for Telematic ECU, as Technical Leader • Feasibility studies on CAN and FlexRay network interfaces and gateways in collaboration with Pininfarina and Maserati. A prototype car was built and presented to Ginevra 2005 where it won the Best in Concept Award • Development of software embedded real time on Motorola microprocessors HC08 and HC12: implementation of CAN Driver, Message Map, UDS Diagnostic Transport Protocol and K2000 Diagnostic Services according to ISO 14229; bootloader on CAN via DiagOnCAN protocol • Definition of CMM process and tailoring for short projects. CMM Level 3 and 5 reached
Altran Italia S.p.A. September 2001 – July 2002
Altran gave me the opportunity to start my experience as a software real time embedded developer. I worked as Altran consultant in Magneti Marelli , where I developed the CAN drivers, Network Management and Diagnostic for Multijet 1.3 Engine Control Motor ECU on Motorola PowerPC MPC255 32 bit microcontroller

Fabio Gianstefani

Magneti Marelli June 2001 – March 2006 (4 years 10 months)
Experiences in Hard-Real Time Software Architectures for Automotive ECUs;
Model Based Control design of Gasoline Engines and vehicles drivelines with Matlab/simulink/Stateflow;
Automatic Code Generation using dSpace Target Link;
Unit testing, functional testing,system integration Testing;
Rapid Prototyping, Software and Hardware in the loop validation using dSPACE Simulators;
Firmware development on ST10,SH2,PPC Platforms;
CAN Bus experiences;
Advanced knowledge of OSEK real time operating systems, AUTOSAR architectures and MISRA C directives.
Lauterbach Emulators.
Software Configuration Management (Synergy).
Full Product Lifecycle


Diesel Application Team Leader
Magneti Marelli S.p.A. - Electronic Systems and Powertrain
Privately Held; 501-1000 employees; Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing industry
January 2006 – December 2009 (4 years) Bologna Area, Italy

Main responsibilities:
>Planning all the in-vehicle testing activities for diesel passenger vehicles (diesel common rail engine: OPEL and SUZUKI 1.3Lt Multijet Euro 4 & Euro 5) during the whole vehicle development process;
>Looking after the integration of the engine control functions and calibrations into the electronic engine control system.

My role especially involved preparation and implementation of prototypes, solution problems of lay-out vehicle, fleet monitoring for both the different Euro 4 and 5 diesel engines (1.3 Lt with 75 Hp and 95 Hp).
Applicationist Engineer
Magneti Marelli S.p.A. - Electronic Systems and Powertrain
Privately Held; 501-1000 employees; Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing industry
June 2003 – December 2005 (2 years 7 months) Bologna Area, Italy

Applicationist Engineer, for testing and developing SW and component for engine control system.

Application activities regarded engine calibration for many Sw functions of project 1.3 FIAT/GM Diesel engine. Power start from 70Hp reaching 105Hp.

Improvement of calibration for common rail high pressure control, heart of system Multijet, It has been successfully done reaching the start of production for many engine versions FIAT, OPEL and SUZUKI.
Dealing with all the diagnostic part of Euro4 1.3 Multijet vehicles (from 70Hp to 105Hp), part of the diagnostic System (OBD1 and EOBD) and giving technical support to all the customer’s plants around Europe for first start of production.

Marelli vs. Osekworks

Die OSEKWorks Produktfamilie für Anwendungen 'Unter der Motorhaube' umfassen das Echtzeit-Betriebssystem OSEKWorks mit äußerst geringem Speicherbedarf und die Integrierte Entwick­lungsumgebung Tornado for OSEKWorks. Sie zielt auf die Bereiche PowerTrain (z.B. Getriebe-, Motormanagement), Sicherheit (z.B. Airbag-Steuerung, Night-Vision Display, Unfallvermeidungssystem) und Komfort (z.B. Klimasteuerung, Zugangskontrolle) ab. Zu den Referenzen zählt unter anderem das Break-by-wire-System von Delphi für Volvo und das Motormanagement von Magneti Marelli.
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