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1999-05-16 First known evidence of online existence.
Post about ELKS.
2001-10-11 Published proof-of-concept in-windows nvidia videocard flasher ztvflash
2002-03-13 My first bug report. Debian Bug #138136
2008-07-07 Investigated MySQL crash.
Wrote test-case reliably reproducing issue.
MySQL Bug #37943
2009-04-22 Had DirectAdmin server hacked.
While investigating found local file overwrite and local root escalation vulnerabilities in DirectAdmin.
2009-08-15 Found backdoor in Accton firmware.
Wrote exploit utility by cloning assembly in perl.
2010 Discovered JTAG,
ported CEF,
ported U-boot,
ported Linux to Dell Powerconnect 3324
2013-11-13 Shadertoy Tweak Sierpinsky 3D
2013-12-12 Reverse engineered Sony Camera API proprietary SHA256 challenge/response.
Unlocks functions like DLNA.
2014-03-16 Implement Puppet in opensource webservice Scrutinizer Pull Request
2014-06-10 Reverse engineered Supermicro IPMI KVM protocol and implemented into noVNC Github
2016-03-12 Reverse engineered propietary Sony USB protocol Github
2017-07-30 Analyzed and fixed some crashy bugs in Frida. Github
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